When you’re looking for a financial advisor in Northern California, you’ve got a tremendous number of choices.  There’s no shortage of wealth management firms, financial planners and investment firms wanting your business.  
But not all these firms have a business model that is likely to serve you best.  In fact, many trends in the financial advice industry are not in your favor:

Outsourcing of investment management to a third party you never meet
Handing your financial planning off to less experienced associates

While those strategies may be good for the financial firm’s bottom line, they may not be good for yours:

You may be lumped into a cookie-cutter portfolio based on your age and a simple risk assessment
You may end up with investments that are inappropriate based on your actual risk profile
You may end being a part of someone’s learning curve

With your future at stake, we don’t agree with that approach.  That’s why at HarborLight Investments, we do things differently.


We founded HarborLight Investments to give you a better option.  We’re two ex-Wall Streeters who were tired of seeing clients taking a back seat to firm efficiency.  We wanted to provide a better solution…one that we would want to use ourselves or recommend to our family and friends.
At HarborLight, we use a different model:

Financial planning and investment management directly from your own wealth manager
No outsourcing to third party money managers
No handing your planning off to a less experienced associate
Fiduciary service, where your needs are put first
We’re fee-only, so we don’t sell products or accept commissions

And we provide our service for one simple fee, so there’s no surprise bills or extra charges. We always want you to feel comfortable calling us or emailing us when you need help.


In this volatile investment climate, it’s particularly important that you work with an experienced wealth manager.  At HarborLight, our team has successfully navigated changing market cycles and investment landscapes while working for demanding institutional clientele.  And as your personal wealth managers, we’re always just a quick email, text or phone call away.

Benefit from Our Institutional Experience

You’ve worked hard to build it…so our job is to help make sure you keep it.  Along with expertise in management of your personal portfolios, we both have strong institutional backgrounds.  Meaning we’ve got experience helping large institutions with serious risk management and conservative capital growth.  

We use that knowledge to help you grow, protect and maximize your wealth.

We’re Accountable to You

You deserve to know how well your investments are doing at all times, so we provide easy-to-understand performance reporting.  

These reports show your returns after our fees and all trading costs are deducted.  That way you can always easily monitor your real performance and progress toward your goals.

Work Directly with Your Own Wealth Manager

At Harbor Light, you work directly with your own wealth manager.  You’re not handed off to anyone. Your money is not outsourced to someone you’ll never talk to.  

Instead you work directly with Dr. Jason Draut, CFP®, or Christopher Sheehy CFP®,  for all your financial planning and investment management needs.

This way:
Your risk will be properly managed by a very experienced professional who knows your whole financial picture
You can ask your wealth manager questions at any time, and get direct answers
You can be as active a participant as you’d like to be in the investment process
Your portfolio can be personalized to reflect your preferences, such as socially responsible investments


Focused on Your Goals…
Not Just Your Investments

True success means achieving your life goals and dreams, not just hitting some financial numbers.  As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, we help you plan the road ahead so you can get where you want to go.  

Whether you’re dealing with retirement planning, college funding, estate planning, employee stock options, charitable giving, or finding tax-efficient investment strategies, we’ll help you create a strategy and implement it.  Initial comprehensive planning and ongoing planning are all included in one simple fee.

Translating Finance to Plain English

You’re busy, so you don’t have time to look up complex financial terms to learn what they mean.  But it’s always vital that you have a very clear understanding of all of your financial situation and investments.  

That’s why we take the time to explain our strategies and recommendations to you in plain English.  That way you can feel comfortable and confident about your future.

True Advice

Even though many people use the term “advisor”, in many cases the professional might be a salesperson who is paid on commission.  So there’s too many conflicts of interest to be sure you’re getting good advice.

At HarborLight, we’re a fee-only firm, so we don’t accept any commissions.  We’re also fiduciary advisors, meaning that we are legally obligated to put your interests first.  So you can rest assured you are getting real advice that you can count on.

Great Technology Tools

You’re busy, so you have better things to do than wade through piles of reports.  Instead we hand pick great technology to help keep everything you need to know about your money at your fingertips.  

Our financial planning platform shows you where you are and where you’re going.  With this great technology, you have your entire financial life accounted for in one place.  Once your accounts are linked, we’ll use this platform to easily model scenarios based on different situations: like choosing a retirement date or choosing a specific social security filing date.  

Together, we’ll maintain an action list so we always know the next step to take to keep you on track to your financial goals.

Our risk tolerance software helps you take the time to really get familiar with your comfort level with risk.  In reality, most of us naturally feel more aggressive during strong markets, and consider ourselves more conservative after a bear market.  We utilize tools to help you get to the bottom of your true risk tolerance.  We find this very helpful and use it along with our financial planning, where we help determine how much risk you can afford to take.

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